Download the mod Ender's chest

This MOD adds chests Ender, where you can securely store your belongings. For example on the server no one except the owner will not be able to open the treasure box. Screenshots: Installation trunk Ender: Download and run the autoinstaller..

Arcility HD ResursPak

The main purpose of HD Arcility Pak to create this resource pack - create a realistic environment without losing the spirit of minecraft. The author does not like to make bookshelves with kriperov or something stupid like that. Arcility HD Resource Pack Screenshots: Installation Pack: Download and run the autoinstaller..

Lunar Skin Wizard

Installing Skins Lunar Wizard: Download and run the installer. Follow the instructions ....

Skin Naruto

Installing Skins Naruto: Download and run the Auto-Installer..

Skin Blaster

Installing Skins Blaster: Download and run the autoinstaller..

Skin Cool Face

Installing Skins Funny Face: Download and run the autoinstaller..

PluginManager Plugin

This plugin is a lightweight and versatile tool to manage plug-ins installed on the server. Using it you can: Download, delete, enable, restart, show details and a list of installed plugins, set permissions, Configure and verify updates installed plug-ins. Commands: /pluginmanager Command Permission Node Description /pm - Меню /pm enable <plugin> pluginmanager.enable Включить плагин /pm disable <plugin> pluginmanager.disable pluginлючить плагин /pm load <filename> pluginmanager.load Загрузить плагин на сервер /pm unload <plugin> pluginmanager.unload Удалить...

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