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MOD by which we can get some freedom and mobility in minecraft. It adds a tent the size of 8 × 8. You can put all the things that you would at home: blocks, chests, furniture, bed, oven, Workbench, mechanisms of redstouna. Tent along with things you can put together in a matter of seconds: simply destroying any block tents minecraft. All the stuff in it will become instantly available to transportation.

Screenshots of the fashion tents:

mobile-base-2 mobile-base-mo3

Video fashion tents:

Kraft recipes tents:




  • Download and run the Auto-Installer fashion tents. Играй!

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  1. Thanks for the skins that you can easily get from this resource. All the maps without any problems by using the automatic installer and plowed on any version of the mynah. Ask to the cool skins appear on the correct resource almost daily. The same is true for very interesting videos that you post very often on different pages of your site. These informative video clips you can easily learn all the tricks the game in our adorable minecraft.

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