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Minecraft mod on fishes

This MOD adds a new fish in minecraft, more specifically Chinese Koi of various color. They just spavnâtsâ in the water and float all over the place. To get this fish it is necessary to kill any weapon. If you need these small fishes on land, you will need to skraftit′ the egg.

Minecraft mod on fish video:


  • Download and run the autoinstaller fashion for fish to minecraft. Играй!

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  1. Thanks for the skins that you can easily get from this resource. Many cards are installed without any problems thanks to the automatic installer and without hesitation work perfectly on all versions of minecraft. I ask that the new skins appear on this useful site more often. Also it is necessary to tell about a killer video that you hourly post on different pages of this site. Thanks to these horoŝim video clips you can easily learn all the tricks to my favorite games minecraft.

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