FNI Photo Realism Resource Pack

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Setting the texture pack you immediately you get transferred in medieval times. You will impress a highly realistic environment and vibrant, saturated colors.


Installing Photo Resource Pack:

  • Download and run the autoinstaller. Играй!

This resource pack is one of the many packs that you can find and download on our site.
Using the menu or a convenient search bar you can find a beautiful skin to play on the server, find a cool map that can go alone or with friends, Download cool texture pack by which you will be able to take a fresh look at the Scrolling.
For Tablet PCs, Smartphones and Android OS-based consoles on our portal contains content for Minecraft PE.

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  1. Thank you so much for the maps that you can easily get to your portal. All the maps just installed by Auto Installer and exceptional work in all versions of minecraft. Ask to the coolest cards appeared on the steep site frequently. The same is true for super interesting videos that you post on the many pages of this site. These informative video clips you can easily learn all skills with a game of my favorite minecraft.

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